Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs with Answer Part 1

1. What Is The Total Length Of Railway Tracks In Pakistan?

A. 5943 Km

B. 5543 Km

C. 5843 Km

D. 11,881 Km

2. At The Time Of Partition Pakistan Has ______ Numbers Of Factories:

A. 24

B. 44

C. 55

D. 34

3. Indus Water Treaty Was Signed By Pakistan And India In September 1960. How Many Rivers Were Given To India Through This Accord:

A. Four Rivers

B. Three Rivers

C. Five Rivers

D. Two Rivers

4. The Karez System Of Irrigation Is Used In Province Of:

A. Balochistan

B. Punjab

C. Sindh


5. The Areas Covered By Forest In Pakistan:

A. 3.8 %

B. 5.8 %

C. 4.8 %

D. 2.8 %

6. Which Desert Is Locted In Eastern Part Of Punjab?

A. Kharan Desert

B. Thar Desert

C. Thal Desert

D. Cholistan Desert

7. Give The Length Of Karakoram Mountain From Hunza To Shyok:

A. 600 Km

B. 700 Km

C. 400 Km

D. 500 Km

8. What Is The Name Of The Combination Of Smoke And Fog?

A. Smog

B. Smogra

C. Smoga

D. Smogum

9. Which Percentage Of The Land Of Every Country Should Be Covered With Forest According To International Standards:

A. 25 Percent

B. 35 Percent

C. 12 Percent

D. 28 Percent

10. River Indus Start Making Delta Near The City Of:

A. Thatha

B. Attock

C. Multan

D. Khairpur

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