Ms Excel Tutorial Practice Files

S.No Content File Download
13How to Use Auto Sum in Excel 2016 Part 12Download
14Basic Formulas and Functions in Excel in Hindi / Urdu Part 13 Download
15COUNT COUNTA COUNTBLANK in Excel in Hindi Urdu Part 14 Download
16MS Excel Logical Operators Logical Test in Hindi Urdu Part 15 Download
17MS Excel IF Formula For Beginner with Examples in Hindi Urdu Part 16 Download
18 MS Excel IF Function with Multiple Conditions (Nested IF) in Hindi Urdu Part 17 Download
19AND OR Formula in Excel in Hindi Part 18 Download
20 Excel IF AND function || Excel IF OR function in Hindi Part 19 Download
21Conditional Formatting in Excel in Hindi Part 20 Download
22How to Highlight Blank Cells in Excel Using Conditional Formatting Part 21 Download
23How To Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel in Hindi Part 22 Download
24 Formatting Excel Worksheet for Beginners in Hindi / Urdu Part 23 freez-paneDownload
25How to Create Drop-Down List in Excel in Hindi / Urdudrop down list in excel practice file Download
26How to Create Mark sheet in MS Excel step by stepDownload
27Convert Date To Word FileDownload
28Paste Special in Excel All Options Explain in Hindi Urdupaste special in excelDownload
29How to Insert a Watermark in MS Excel (Picture or Text)Download
30How to Print in Excel | Print Page Setup in Excel | Printing Tips in ExcelDownload

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