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General Knowledge MCQs with Answers

1. What percentage of land is cultivable in the world?

A. 12%

B. 11%

C. 10%

D. None of these

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2. ________ is the World’s Loudest Bird:

A. Macaws

B. Cockatoos

C. White Bellbird

D. None of these

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3. Which among the following trees is considered the tallest in the world?

A. Cedar

B. Redwood

C. Date palm

D. None of these

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4. What Is The Nationality Of Founder Of WikiLeaks?

A. US Citizen

B. Austria Citizen

C. Pakistan Citizen

D. Australian

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4. Zoroastrian Worship Of…?

A. Moon

B. Water

C. Fire

D. Wood

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6. RAMA Is The Secret Agency Of?

A. India


C. Afghanistan

D. Israel

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7. The height of Gorakh hill station is__________?

A. 5,688 ft

B. 5,687 ft

C. 5,689 ft

D. 5,686 ft

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8. First police force was established in __________ ?

A. London

B. Paris

C. Brussels

D. None of these

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9. Which is called flower animal in world?

A. Hydra

B. Sea anemones

C. Obella

D. None of these

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10. Who among following is considered to be the father of “Green Revolution” ?

A. Mammohan Singh

B. Norman Borlaug

C. Abdul Salam

D. Henry Ford

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