Top Five Skills To Make Money

Here are five valuable skills that can help you make money:

  • Digital Marketing: In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking ways to reach their target audience online. Digital marketing skills such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising can be very lucrative. You can work as a freelancer or consultant for businesses, or even start your own digital marketing agency.

  • Coding and Web Development: Learning how to code and develop websites and applications is a valuable skill in high demand. Whether you specialize in front-end development (creating the visible parts of websites), back-end development (working with servers and databases), or full-stack development (both front-end and back-end), there is a constant need for skilled developers. You can work as a freelancer, for a tech company, or develop your own software products.

  • Graphic Design: Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. With the rise of social media, businesses require graphics for marketing materials, websites, social media posts, and more. You can work as a freelancer, for a design agency, or create and sell your designs online.

  • Copywriting: Copywriting involves writing persuasive and compelling content for advertisements, websites, marketing materials, and more. Good copy can significantly impact a business’s success, so skilled copywriters are always in demand. You can work for advertising agencies, businesses, or as a freelancer.

  • Financial Management: Having a strong understanding of financial management, including budgeting, investing, and financial planning, is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. You can work as a financial advisor, investment consultant, accountant, or start your own financial planning business.

These skills often require dedication and continuous learning, but they have the potential to be highly lucrative in the long run. It’s also important to consider your interests and passions when choosing a skill to develop, as enjoying what you do can lead to greater success and satisfaction.

Cryptocurrency “Pi” Mining on Mobile

In the world of cryptocurrency, where Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate the headlines, a new player has emerged with a mission to revolutionize the way we think about mining. Pi Currency, often referred to simply as Pi, is not just another digital coin. It’s a project designed to make cryptocurrency accessible to the masses, with a unique approach to mining that anyone with a smartphone can participate in. In this detailed article, we’ll explore what Pi Currency is all about, how it works, its features, challenges, and its potential impact on the crypto landscape.

The Genesis of Pi Currency

Pi Currency was conceptualized and developed by a team of Stanford graduates, including Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdiao Fan, and Vincent McPhillip. Their vision was to create a cryptocurrency that addresses some of the key challenges faced by traditional digital currencies, such as the energy-intensive mining process and the barrier to entry for everyday users.

Mission and Philosophy

At the core of Pi’s mission is the idea of inclusivity and fairness. The team behind Pi recognized that the current state of cryptocurrency mining, particularly for popular coins like Bitcoin, is dominated by large mining operations with specialized hardware. This leaves the average person with little opportunity to participate meaningfully in the mining process.

Pi aims to change that by enabling anyone with a smartphone to contribute to the network and earn Pi coins. By leveraging the computing power of mobile devices, Pi introduces a more democratic approach to mining, where the barrier to entry is significantly lowered.

How Pi Mining Works

Mobile Mining

One of the most distinctive features of Pi is its mobile mining capability. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that require powerful and energy-hungry mining rigs, Pi allows users to mine coins directly from their smartphones. This opens up mining to a vast population of users who may not have access to specialized hardware or technical expertise.

User-Friendly Interface

To start mining Pi, users simply need to download the Pi Network app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Upon registration, users are required to verify their identity to prevent bots and fake accounts. Once verified, users can start mining by pressing a single button within the app, which initiates the mining process.

Security Measures

To maintain the integrity of the network and prevent abuse, users are required to log in and confirm their identity daily to continue mining. This helps ensure that mining rewards are distributed fairly among active and legitimate users.

Technology and Features

Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP)

Pi Currency utilizes a unique consensus algorithm called the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). Developed by the Stellar Development Foundation, SCP is known for its energy efficiency and scalability. Unlike the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm used by Bitcoin, which requires extensive computational power, SCP allows for a more eco-friendly approach to securing the network.

Wallets and Transactions

Within the Pi Network app, users have access to their Pi wallets, where mined coins are stored. These wallets will serve as the foundation for future transactions within the Pi ecosystem. While Pi is not yet tradable on external exchanges, users can send Pi to other users within the app.

Social Mining

Pi encourages a social mining strategy, where users can invite friends and family to join the network using their referral code. By doing so, both the inviter and the invitee benefit from an increased mining rate. This strategy not only helps in the growth of the Pi community but also incentivizes users to spread the word about the project.

Community and Growth

Since its inception, the Pi community has experienced rapid growth, with millions of users worldwide. This growth can be attributed to the project’s unique approach to mining, as well as its mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible to all. The Pi community is active on social media platforms, discussing updates, strategies, and the future potential of Pi Currency.

Challenges and Criticisms

Centralization Concerns

One criticism that Pi has faced is its centralization during the early stages of development. As the project is still in its testing phase, the core team retains control over certain aspects of the network. However, the team has expressed its commitment to decentralization as the project progresses.

Regulatory Landscape

As with all cryptocurrencies, Pi faces regulatory challenges as it moves towards becoming a fully tradable asset. Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is crucial for Pi’s long-term success and adoption.

The Future of Pi Currency

While Pi Currency is still in its development phase, the potential impact it could have on the cryptocurrency landscape is significant. By democratizing the mining process and making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone, Pi has the potential to onboard millions of new users into the world of cryptocurrency.

As the project continues to evolve and transition to its mainnet phase, the team behind Pi is focused on building a robust ecosystem that supports a wide range of applications and use cases. From everyday transactions to smart contracts and beyond, Pi Currency aims to be a versatile and user-friendly cryptocurrency for the digital age.

In conclusion, Pi Currency represents a bold step towards a more inclusive and accessible cryptocurrency ecosystem. With its innovative approach to mining, focus on user-friendliness, and commitment to fairness, Pi has the potential to carve out a unique place in the ever-growing world of digital currencies. As the project continues to unfold, it will be fascinating to see how Pi Currency reshapes the future of cryptocurrency.

Top 25 Microsoft Word Interview Questions & Answers

1) How you can connect with cloud service on MS Word. ?

To connect with the cloud service on Word. you have to go to

a Main Menu  Open One Drive  click on sign in option   enter the e-mail address and it will connect you with cloud service

2) How you can insert video in Microsoft Word. ?

To insert video into the word document you have to go to

INSERT a Online Video Media Enter the keyword or video you are looking for Press enter click on the video you want to add it To add or download video, click  Insert

The video will appear on word as an image when the download is completed, click on play button to play your video

3) How you can collapse or expand parts of a document?

To make readers read or see only the part they are interested in,  this function is very useful.  To do this you have to first give heading to your topic as heading 1, heading 2 ….from Home Menu. Once this done a small icon will appear on the corner of the heading, on clicking on this icon it will merge the content and on re-clicking on it, it will expand the content back to its normal place.

4) How to edit PDF document in Word?

To edit PDF document in Word,

a)      Click the file menu

b)      Click on Open icon

c)       Select the PDF file from your local disk

d)       Select the file and click Open

e)      When word displays the informational dialog, click ok

f)       If word display, the protected view bar at the top of the document, click enable editing

g)      You can edit PDF file now with word, once file is edited you can save it as PDF or in Word format

5) How to add foot-node & end note in word?

To add foot node, bring the cursor at the end of page where you want to add the foot node than go to main menu click on Reference Option click on Insert Footnotes.  Likewise you can add end note by clicking on “Insert endnote”.

6) What is the shortcut keys for creating hyperlink?

Create a hyperlink Cntrl +K

7) In MS word how you can create a user entry forms ?

A user entry form can help you to create a document with check box, drop down list, combo box and any other content control

To create user entry forms in Ms word,

Go to File tab Selection Options  Click on Customize Ribbon click on check box for ‘Developer’

This will add the developer tab to your ribbon

To create entry form, let say you want a form that include basic information like



Marital Status:



Date of birth:

And for that you might need drop down list, check box or combo box.  To add this

Go to Developer option in Main menu Select your tag, Click on drop down list click on control properties Add information in control properties Click OK

You can do same for rest of entries for occupation, gender and for date of birth there is a different properties available in developer ribbon ‘Date Picker Content Control’

8) In MS Word how you can insert a column break?

To insert a column break , first of all bring cursor where you want to break the column then

Go to page layout option Select column break from column break down option and select your option (2, 3, 4 )

9) How to delete a break in column?

To delete a break in column that you no longer need

  • Click the show/ hide button on the Home tab in the paragraph section to display non-printing characters
  • Click in the section break
  • Press delete button from keyboard, it will remove break from column

10) How you can take a screen shot in word?

Go to INSERT option In Illustrations option, click on icon with camera click on screen clipping option and choose the portion you which you want a screenshot

11) How to insert caption in your image?

To insert caption for your image either Select your image  right click you will see an option “INSERT CAPTION”.  And you can enter the details , the other way to enter caption is

Select your image or table then, Click on “REFERENCE” menu under reference menu, click on option “Insert Caption”

A caption box will appear, where you can select caption for figure, table or equation

12) What is the use of XML mapping panel in MS word?

If you have added “DEVELOPER” TAB in your main menu, then under this tab you have an option “XML Mapping Panel”.  This option helps to map xml contents into word document.

13)  How to create a Macro in word ?

To create a Macro follow the given steps

  • On the View tab choose macros   Record macro and give macro a name in the record macro dialog box
  • Click the keyboard button to assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro
  • Type a keyboard shortcut combinations Ctrl+R and then click the assign button
  • Click the close button
  • To stop recording choose macros Stop recording

14) How to create cross referencing in word?

To create cross referencing follow the steps mentioned below

  • Open your word document and bring cursor where you want to insert cross-referencing
  • Click on the “ Reference tab”
  • Now in captions group, click on “Cross reference”
  • A window will pop up asking for “Reference Type” like – Heading, Figure, Foot Note etc.
  • Select any option from “ Reference Type” and  then click insert
  • After bringing cursor where newly reference link is created, on pressing “Cntrl+Click” will direct to the reference object

15) How you can restrict editing for someone in MS Word?

To restrict editing, follow the menu as mention below

Go to review tab, click on Restrict Editing

Pop up window appears on right side of your document

In pop up window, go to “ editing restriction”, select the drop down for which you want to put restriction for like only comment , track changes, filling in the form, or read only

At end you will be asked to set a password for the document to keep access limited to you

16) How you can insert an online picture in your word document in MS Word ?

To insert picture that is online, like you have picture on Facebook or Flickr and you want to insert it in word document you can use this feature

  • Bring the cursor where you want to insert the image
  • Under INSERT tab, click the online picture button in the illustrations section.
  • Insert dialog box opens
  • Type a phrase that describes the image you want in the or Skydrive
  • Click on the image you want to use to select it
  • Click the Insert button to insert the image

17) How you can customize the indent amount?

To customize the indent amount, you have to select the text which you want indent. After that under “Page Layout” in paragraph section, you can set the indent left or right.

18) What is the short cut to move the insertion point to the beginning of the document?

To move the insertion point to the beginning of the document the short cut key used to  <Ctrl> + <Home>

19) What is the correct procedure for creating a hanging indent?

You can create a hanging indent by Opening the paragraph dialog box Select “Special” list Select hanging specify an amount in “By” box.

20) How you can create a custom watermark?

To create your own Watermark, Got to Page Layout tab in the Page Background group click Watermark and select Custom Watermark.  Select the Picture Watermark or text watermark option and make changes accordingly.

21) What is the short cut key to insert a page break ?

The short cut key to insert a page break is press <Ctrl> + <Enter>

22) What is the easiest way to save a chart so you can use it another document?

You can save a chart as a chart template, this will allow you to change the data but reuse the chart’s formatting and styles

23) What you can add to label the values of individual chart elements?

Add “ data labels ” to label the values of individual chart elements

24) In what ways you can see the difference between two similar documents?

To see the difference between two similar documents click the compare buttons and select compare from the review tab in the compare group in the Ribbon.

25) How you can accept or reject track changes in word 2013?

To accept or reject track changes in word 2013,

  • Select the track changes made in the document
  • From the review tab, click the Accept or Reject command, the mark-up will disappear and word will automatically jump to the next change

Download and Run GW BASIC on Windows 8, 10

download and run gw basic for windows 7, 8, 10

Free Download, install and Run GW BASIC on windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 easily with Learning Studio.

Just follow these 4 simple steps. OR watch the video on YouTube.

Step: 1

First we need these two small files to download . DOSBox installer and GWBASIC.

Click on the following link to download GWBASIC File. Download GWBASIC File . Click on the arrow down button on top to download GWBASIC.ZIP File as shown in the picture.

download gw basic

May be the following message display to you but you have to keep them because it is 100 % secure.

download DOSBox installer

Click on the following link to download DOSBox Installer File. Download DOSBox Installer . Click on the arrow down button on top to download GWBASIC.ZIP File as shown in the picture.

learning Studio

Step: 2

Once you download these two files. Now right click on GWBASIC.ZIP file and click on Extract Here be careful not to click on Extract to GWBASIC. All files will be extracted to a Folder named GWBASIC.

run gw basic on windows 10

Now a folder will be created like this.

how to run gw basic on windows 8 and 10

Now write click on DOSBox Installer file and run as administrator and install. When you install DosBox its shortcut will be created on desktop automatically.

install gw basic on windows 10

Step : 3

Now copy the GWBASIC folder.

Now open C:\ drive and paste the GWBASIC copied folder there. Like this:

how to run gw basic

Step : 4

Now see the Dosbox installer shortcut on desktop and then right click on them and run as administrator.

how to use dos box installer

After running DosBox the command prompt screen will be appear like this.

command to run gw  basic on dos box installer

Now you have to type this command MOUNT C: C:/GWBASIC on Z:\> prompt like this.

mount c: command

Now you have to type this command C: and press enter key. now your prompt will become like this C:\> Now type GWBASIC and press enter key.

run gw basic

Congratulation you have done .Now you can work in GWBASIC.

Gw basic running

If you want to download and install MS Office 2016 for free by simple step then click here

Thanks for visiting to Learning Studio.

How to Download and Install MS Office 2016 Free

Download and install Ms Office 2016 for free, no activation key required. Just follow these simple steps…

Step 1:

just click here you will be directed to the website will look like this….

Step 2:

In the search box type office 2016 32 64 iso and hit enter key

Step 3:

After searching for office 2016 32 64 iso following result will be shown. and you have to find the encircle highlighted result and click on them.

Step 4:

After clicking on the above search result the following page will be open

then scroll down the page and you will see the download button at the end of the page then click on that download button and the downloading will automatically start.

As you will click on the above download button the download will start automatically. The file size is round about 3.7 GB so it will take some time to download depends on your internet speed.

Step 5:

Once your file is downloaded like this….

Then right click on the file, a list will appears if you have a mount option there then click on mount it will extract the office iso file. If there is no mount option in your case then just extract that file from that list as shown in the below picture.

Once you Mount or extract this office iso file . The following folders will appear in your system.

If you have 32 bit operating system then open the x86 folder or if you have 64 bit operating system then open x64 folder and run the setup.exe file to install Ms Office 2016.

Congratulations you have done………Thanks for visit our website…….